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There are now over 3,000 cyber security products and services available worldwide. The main problem is that very few can guarantee security. Most of them are software solutions that sit on an organisations Local Area Network looking for ‘bad things’. Few of them have defence & CNI applications and requirements in mind and don’t support or understand operational technology. Our solutions compliment current cyber technology deployed at an organisation, by providing a true connect/disconnect facility for isolation on demand and in the event of cyber-attack, at the cable level without physically unplugging.

The Cyber Challenges:

Cyber-attacks & insider threats

Debilitating impact through loss of critical services

Ransomware attacks

Operational impact and slow recovery

Managing Third party & supply chain risk

Security gaps from less well secured third parties and vulnerable supply chain vectors.

Today’s cyber solutions struggle to address these challenges adequately, but we can with DPNS.

We protect our customers information

We understand OT

Unrivalled stealth, intelligent network airgap isolation, and convenience.


Dynamic Physical Network Segmentation (DPNS):

Most IT & OT cyber solutions provide just an illusion of protection. They are, after all, connected to the same ‘physical’ layer, don’t understand OT, and rarely protect legacy systems. Our DPNS technology physically disconnects the link, providing absolute security that simply cannot be breached.
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