About Us

We are a team of specialist innovators with over 100 years’ experience of cyber and operational technology. We have led innovative engineering teams and technical incubator programmes to exploit Artificial Intelligence machine learning and human-machine teaming.

We have achieved several world-firsts by successfully deploying Content Disarm & Reconstruction technology, and hardware-based web isolation technology in live operational environments. In addition, we were the first organisation to place Dynamic Physical Network Segmentation (DPNS) solutions into OT environments.

We have carried out numerous cyber & OT security engagements with a wide range of organisations including the Ministry of Defence, managed services providers, defence contractors, technology companies, and industrial manufacturers. We offer both specialist consultancy services and provide the latest unique hardware and software solutions not currently available from mainstream suppliers.
We have specific interest in protecting legacy systems. Why? Because almost all organisations have ongoing legacy headaches and legacy will always be with us!

Strengthening and maintaining our customers’ IT & Operational Technology posture is our business.

Providing trusted advisor services to our customers’ challenges